Interview for Sports Business Institute

Connected with the online lecture I did with Sports Business Institute last September, we prepared an interview about the current situation and foresight of the digital sports business and the impact of Internet and certain technologies in the traditional sports business models.

You can download the complete interview here:

Download interview

I picked a few highlights of the interview:

About monetization of digital

As a way to maximize the value, football clubs have traditionally followed a sponsorship model over an advertising model. However, social media platforms (and the internet in general) is designed having advertising in mind. So, direct monetization by the clubs is unlikely without many structural and conceptual internal conflicts with the sponsorship model.

About broadcasting disruption

Broadcasters traditionally had a dual role: gathering audiences and selling advertising. But the current major trends flow against the broadcasters’ role: disintermediation and programmatic advertising.

About fan engagement and monetization

The new challenge is how to turn international fans into customers. […] International die-hard fans will easy buy fan gear if they have it available online or offline. Less engaged but still loyal fans maybe will not spend 85 euros easily, but might accept other products priced between 5 to 20 euros. What is the value a club can provide to a fan living 10,000 km away for 5, 10 or 20 euros? That’s the million dollar question.


A week in Finland

I spent last week in Finland, kindly invited by Mediataivas Oy, one of the leading digital agencies in Santa’s country. They introduced me their app solution for motor sports events and how they implemented it for World Rally Championship (W2R) in Jyväskylä (Finland). Also, during this week I had the …